An egg thief from Lynn, Massachusetts was served a summons after police used video surveillance footage to identify him. The man is accused of stealing four dozen eggs and $17 cash from a 3-year-old girl’s roadside stand.

Young Wren Araneo, of Wren’s Hens, notified her mother that someone had stolen from their honor system farm stand on July 7th. Her mother called the authorities and, thanks to the tenacious work of Officer Gavin Forni of the Rowley police, the man was identified.

Wren’s Hens, located on Central Street in Rowley, Massachusetts, has been getting a tremendous amount of support from their community. Many citizens have come to the aid of the small family farm, donating above and beyond the normal cost for the eggs or simply leaving a few extra dollars in the cash box. Wren’s mother says it’s all going into the college fund for later.

Thanks to Police Chief Scott Dumas, Officer Forni, and all of Rowley for restoring a little girl’s faith in humanity.

We here at hope that the perpetrator feels the egg on his face. Who did he think he was stealing four dozen eggs? A young Gaston?